11 Jun 2024

As we get older the support and care we need changes. Case Managers work with people who have Home Care Packages to ensure their care suits their changing needs. At VMCH, our Case Managers treat clients like family. You can read about Case Manager Asmir’s passion for supporting his clients here.  

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How can a Case Manager help you?

Home Care Packages can be difficult to navigate, which is where your Case Manager steps in. They work behind-the-scenes to make sure older people are provided with the care and services they need. Case Managers can link you with services like personal care, household duties, home maintenance, allied health, medically necessary home modifications and meal delivery services.  

What is the role of a Case Manager in a Home Care Package? 

Case Managers advocate for their client’s care. By building relationships with their clients and their families they have a good understanding of individual needs and preferences. Their Home Care Package expertise is used to support the care recipient and help them to live a comfortable life at home, where they want to be. 

What do Case Managers do?

  • Regularly assess the client’s care needs and preferences   
  • Reflect these needs and preferences in their home care agreement and care plan  
  • Identify and minimise risks to client’s safety and health  
  • Work closely with the client and their family members about their care  
  • Make sure the clients’ care is respectful of their culture.  


For more information about the services Case Managers provide, visit our Home Care Packages page. 

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How much does Home Care Package management cost?

To make sure that your Case Manager has the resources needed to support your care, Home Care Packages have management fees designed to support their work.  

To learn more about Home Care Package costs visit out Funding page or download our Home Care Package fees.

What is the difference between care management and package management?

Care management is a service that regularly assesses your needs, goals and preferences, as well as identifying and addressing risks, all of which are recorded in your care plan and updated regularly.  

Care management includes:

  • Ensuring that services align with other supports  
  • Reviewing the client’s home care agreement and care plan  
  • Identifying and minimising risks to health and safety.  

Package management refers to the administrative activities related to managing a Home Care Package, like establishing a budget or organising third party services.   

Package management includes:

  • Storing and maintaining records  
  • Ensuring that staff are up-to-date with police and immunisation checks  
  • Training and educating staff  
  • Medically necessary home medications.  

What is a self-managed Home Care Package?

In a self-managed Home Care Package, you take on much of the responsibility of managing your own package. This includes tasks like budgeting, engaging with and scheduling domestic workers and completing your care plan.   

If you choose to self-manage your Home Care Package, you can save money by reducing administration costs. However, it’s important to remember that managing home care can be time-consuming and complex.  

The burden is significantly reduced when you have the support of a Case Manager. They take away stress by handling all the administrative tasks, such as coordinating your care, paying bills and liaising with agencies. 

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