24 May 2024
An older man and woman sit at a table with a younger woman. They are smiling and having a cup of tea.

Community Support Assistant (CSA) Dani Craig is like family to clients Alan and Jean.

The trio has formed a strong bond since Dani began helping Jean, 87, with personal care around the home.

Jean, a keen line dancer, likes to keep fit and healthy. However, a slip on the train a few years back saw her suffer a serious shoulder injury, which has affected her ability to manage many everyday tasks. Dani’s support, as part of Jean’s Home Care Package (HCP) with VMCH, has allowed Jean to continue to do the things she loves. This includes spending time with her husband of 15 years, Alan, who also has a HCP with VMCH.

Dani is very, very caring and goes out of her way to help us with things that maybe nobody else would do, like filling in forms or helping with my iPad,” says Jean.

Dani believes the personaI support she provides to Jean has helped build their relationship.

When you do personal care, it’s vulnerable, and Jean had never had help before she did her shoulder. So, going from no help to then having someone literally help you get undressed, wash your hair, you need to have that trust there.”

Jean agrees.

“It was a little confronting at first because I was very independent. But I know I can ask Dani anything and she’ll help me.”

A younger woman and an older woman smile at the camera
Dani and Jean share a special bond

Dani admits CSA work isn’t for everyone, but it’s perfect for her.

You don’t do this job for the money; you need to want to be here. I love that I feel like I make a difference. I know when I leave that Jean and Alan are happy, they’ve got everything they need and can relax for a bit. I treat my clients as I’d like my own family treated.”

Jean and Alan say they certainly feel the love from Dani.

We look forward to her coming. I said to Alan, we’d get better looked after here (in Australia) than if we were still in the UK. It’s wonderful.”

If you’d like to learn more about Home Care Packages with VMCH, call 1300 698 624 or book a call back for a time that suits you.

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