Residential Aged Care

Programs that are tailored to you.

Lifestyle Programs that are Tailored to You


Our residences offer exceptional lifestyle programs, tailored to individual interests and needs.

Our team of staff and volunteers are passionate about developing fun and interesting activities. In addition to Mass, rosary and other religious services, residents can join regular favourite activities including:

Physical activities

  • Exercise classes and dancing
  • Going for walks
  • Indoor bowls
  • Household tasks such as folding, washing, organising drawers, sweeping leaves, water plants.

Engagement activities

  • Bingo, trivia and card games
  • Cooking or manageable tasks relating to cooking
  • Sorting items
  • FaceTime with families and friends
  • Online social groups
  • Painting, arts and crafts.

Musical activities

  • Dancing or singing to music
  • Playing music that evokes positive responses and specific feelings (calming music for relaxation, upbeat music for movement and dancing etc.)
  • Themed songs for promoting conversation and engagement.

Reminiscence activities

  • Looking through family photos
  • Talking about events or holidays
  • Using the internet to look up destinations to relive positive experiences.

Sensory activities

  • Gardening
  • Touching tools
  • Cooking, smelling of spices
  • Smelling flowers
  • Feeling fabric, running different items between hands/fingers.

As a Catholic organisation, VMCH is committed to providing compassionate care in a nurturing environment to all residents and clients.

VMCH does not support and will not facilitate Voluntary Assisted Dying.

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