Support for carers

If you care for someone, we’re here for you.

Carer Support Services

As a carer, you’re a bit of a hero.

What you do on a daily basis, while rewarding, is definitely challenging. It can impact your physical and emotional wellbeing.

That’s where we come in.

Our support program is especially for you. It’s a chance for you to take a break and enjoy sometime for yourself.

Every carer’s needs area little bit different and it’s easy to get lost when trying to understand your options.

Our Case Managers take the time to understand your stressors and identify what support services are right for you. We also check in from time-to-time, making sure that as your needs change so does your support.

Meet Buena and Ahneil

Buena, a dedicated mother to 11-year-old Ahneil who has Down Syndrome, found herself struggling with burnout.

Discover how VMCH Carer Support services provided Buena with the essential respite she needed to prioritise her own wellbeing.

Our Carer Support Services

Some of the services we offer are:

  • Personal care
  • Home care services, like meal preparation and gardening
  • Flexible respite in your own home or out in the community
  • Support in an unexpected situation
  • Goods and equipment
  • Education and information
  • Social groups and special events
  • Wellbeing activities
  • Referrals to long term support services


When we say we’re here to support you as a carer, we mean it. That’s why we’re also your advocate.

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For more help and advice on carer support, visit Carer Gateway, an Australian Government initiative.

Meet Mary and Hans

Mary unexpectedly found herself thrust into the role of full-time carer for her husband Hans.

When Hans lost his ability to read and drive due to visual impairment, Mary faced new challenges. Learn how she navigated this transition with strength and resilience.

Meet Ngaire and Alan

Ngaire became the primary caregiver for her husband Alan after he suffered a spinal stroke.

Uncertain about how to manage his care, Ngaire received valuable support when a social worker recognised her struggles and suggested she call VMCH Carer Support.

So, how can you join us?

We’re here for people across Victoria* and care for someone with care needs including:

  • Mental illness
  • Dementia
  • Disability
  • Chronic condition or illness
  • Older people with care needs
  • People in palliative care


*except for Wellington and East Gippsland.


Download the Carer Support Brochure

VMCH acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government.

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