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Housing and Care Connections

Helping you to access support services.

Housing and Care Connections

Supporting Knox and Whitehorse residents with housing and care.

Housing and Care Connections (HCC) is a free program to help vulnerable older Australians who need extra support to access housing, aged care and community services.

HCC is designed to support people who do not have family or friends to help them research, apply for, and set up support services. Our particular focus is helping older people on low incomes, or who are at risk of homelessness, to find secure and affordable housing.

Am I eligible?

To access the HCC, you must:

  • Reside in Knox or Whitehorse*
  • Have no other person who can help you or
  • Not have a person you can trust or feel comfortable to support you, and
  • Be eligible for government-funded aged care.


You will also need to demonstrate one or more of the following reasons why you require intensive support:

  • Literacy or language problems which make communication difficult
  • Difficulty comprehending information and making decisions
  • Hesitant to connect or engage with government or aged care services
  • At risk of becoming unsafe if you do not receive services.


*VMCH is an approved provider in the cities of Knox and Whitehorse only. If you live elsewhere and are looking for a care finder service, please visit My Aged Care.

What other support does VMCH provide?

Our team is available to help you navigate the aged care system and access services to improve independence and quality of life. We can help set up services for the first time or support you to modify or change services. We can:

  • Speak to My Aged Care on your behalf and arrange an assessment
  • Attend your assessment and provide support
  • Research and short-list aged care providers and services in your local area
  • Complete forms and help you understand aged care agreements
  • Support you with housing application forms
  • Follow up and check in with you to ensure everything is okay
  • Help link you with community groups, mental health, drug and alcohol, housing and homelessness support services.

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