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Health and therapy

With our allied health and therapy services you’ll be able to maintain or recover a level of health and independence.

Our Wellbeing Centre in Wantirna South has a dedicated team of allied health professionals that offer you a range of wellbeing services on-site and in-home.

Our services can be delivered individually or within groups. Whatever you choose, we will support and work with you to prevent falls, improve mobility, build strength and balance, learn healthy eating habits, improve safety independence at home, recommend aids and just maintain good health practices.

Please click here to download the Allied Health brochure.


The goal of our physiotherapy service is to assist older adults maintain their independence and quality of life by improving mobility, balance, strength, and flexibility. Interventions may involve exercises, manual therapy, and education on injury prevention and safe movement.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists (OT) assist older adults maintain independence and quality of life by assessing and recommending various interventions to support their overall safety and wellness. These interventions may include assistive technology, and assessment of viability for home modifications to improve independence and safety.

Please click here to download the Occupational Therapy brochure.


Dieticians can support the older population by ensuring that they are receiving proper nutrition and maintaining a healthy diet. Dieticians can also help to manage chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure through dietary interventions.


Podiatrists are experts in foot, ankle, and lower limb health. A podiatrist can help to manage a range of tasks including assistance with pain, nail trimming, and corn and callus management.

Exercise Physiology

Exercise physiologists can support the older population by creating assessing levels of function and personalising exercise programs that take into account goals, physical abilities, and potential limitations. These programs may focus on improving strength, balance, and flexibility, aiming to improve independence.

Please click here to download the Exercise Physiology brochure.


These allied health and therapy services can be offered through a Government-subsidised Commonwealth Home Support Programme or you can opt to self-fund. This way everyone has the opportunity to feel better about their health.

Please click here to read more about your funding options.

A man being helped to use his walker by his carer

Short Term Restorative Care

Care in the Hume and Grampians.

Short Term Restorative Care (STRC) can help you complete everyday tasks and delay the need to enter long-term care.

But what exactly does that mean?

Services include physiotherapy, occupational therapy and podiatry as well as personal care, domestic and cooking assistance and continence management. But get in touch with us and we’ll explain in more detail.

You may be able to receive STRC for up to eight weeks in your home and in the community. It all just depends on your care needs.

We need the help of a multidisciplinary team to get you started. These three health professionals are simply there to look after you and will be part of your short journey with us. Your GP or geriatrician will always be part of your team, plus two more. You can let us know what works for you.

Firstly, am I eligible?

To be eligible you must be an older person who:

  • is run down after a recent illness
  • is slowing down mentally, physically, or both
  • needs help with everyday tasks
  • wants to stay independent and out of long term, ongoing care.

How do I access Short Term Restorative Care?

To access STRC you are required to receive an aged care assessment with the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). If you are eligible, you will then need a VMCH flexible care agreement, including a care plan. This must be organised before you start receiving care from VMCH.

Please click to download the STRC brochure.

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