Residential Aged Care

Types of care

Delivering quality care, whilst empowering you.

Permanent, Palliative and Respite Care


We operate under the principles of Montessori; an approach dedicated to delivering exceptional care whilst supporting and empowering residents to do what they can for themselves.

Our residences offer ageing in place, specialised dementia care, chronic disease management and respite. As a person’s needs change, we change with them. Qualified registered nurses lead a team of professional carers who are complemented by dedicated lifestyle staff members.

Permanent care

The move into permanent care usually happens when a person no longer feels they can live independently at home. It’s a big decision but it doesn’t have to be a daunting one, especially with caring support from VMCH.

In addition to the provision of homely accommodation, our team helps with everyday tasks including personal care, nursing care, medication management, meals, laundry, allied health and social activities.

Respite care

The best way to think about respite is like taking a ‘short break’; some time out for rest and recovery. Many of our residents have joined us permanently after spending a couple of weeks with us. It’s a great way to ease into aged care, helping to alleviate common concerns or worries.

Respite care can be planned in advance, for example, if the main carer is going on a holiday or needs to attend an appointment. Respite care is also helpful in the case of an emergency, such as a person needing care after an unplanned hospital visit.

Palliative care

Our approach to palliative care is people-centred over medical-centred. As a Catholic organisation, we believe every life is sacred and each person should be treated with love and respect, especially at the end of their life.

Our goal for our palliative clients is to share their final journey with care and compassion, so they can have the best quality of life:

  • Offering nourishment before hunger
  • Managing pain before it is out of control
  • Offering rest before fatigue
  • Offering activities before boredom
  • Offering nurturing and care for the whole person and their loved ones.

As a Catholic organisation, VMCH is committed to providing compassionate care in a nurturing environment to all residents and clients.

VMCH does not support and will not facilitate Voluntary Assisted Dying.

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