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NDIS Support Coordination

Get the most out of your NDIS Plan.

NDIS Support Coordination


We want your child to get the best out of their NDIS plan. We’ll connect you to service providers who offer the best options matched to your child’s needs.

We work with you and your chosen providers. Together, we will work out how to get the support to suit your family.

1. Put your plan into action
We’ll meet to discuss what services you need. We’ll contact providers and put together some options, so you can decide what services you want to use. When you’ve made your choices, we’ll support you to get your plan into action.

The NDIA call support coordination a capacity building support, so we’ll work with you to build your skills to negotiate with the NDIA, providers, complete the paperwork, budget and build plans to match your goals.

2. Problem solve and make changes
You may want to change your support provider or refocus where you spend your funds – we can help make change happen.

3. Get ready for your reviews
We can help with your plan review or prepare reports for your annual NDIS meeting. Together, we’ll build your confidence to help you get the funds you need.

Specialised NDIS Support Coordination

What’s a specialist support coordinator? 

Does your child have additional or more complex needs you feel could be funded by the NDIS? Our specialist support coordinators can help you.

Specialist support coordination is the highest level of support coordination available and is for people who have more complex needs. In particular, people in a crisis situation or needing support from multiple government or non-government organisations.

Some of these needs could include:

  • Psychological and mental health support
  • Ongoing support from a social worker
  • Accessing health, education or justice services


Get in touch and our team can help you work out if you need regular NDIS support coordination and/or NDIS specialist support coordination.

Learn more about the support coordinators in your local area. We have an amazing team of highly skilled professionals to help put your plan into action.

Call 1300 698 624 to find out more about our Support Coordination services.

Registered NDIS Provider

As a registered NDIS provider, we ensure that our services meet the NDIS Practice Standards and Code of Conduct, offering you piece of mind and quality supports.

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