St Paul’s College

Specialist school for children aged five to 18 years

St Paul’s College is a specialist school providing education for children aged five to 18 years with a wide range of intellectual, physical, profound multiple and sensory disabilities, as well as complex medical needs.  Our team of teachers and therapists are highly skilled and committed to meeting the individual needs of students with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

We also support families who may wish to have dual enrolment so their child can integrate into their local community.

With a focus on communication, our specialist school is committed to working in partnership with families, ensuring each student has access to comprehensive educational, developmental and therapy programs to enable them to develop their full intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual potential.

Who is eligible?

Admission is open to any child who has a moderate to severe disability affecting his or her learning and functioning. However, students in the Bridging Program may not necessarily fall into these categories. St Paul’s College is an accredited school for children with autism.  We also cater for students with complex medical needs.

Who may refer students?

Referrals for our specialist school can be made by parents, medical practitioners, therapists, other schools or through early childhood intervention programs.

For a full list of our school policies, please click here

Further Information

St Paul’s College (new address)
3 – 13 Brenbeal Street, Balwyn Victoria 3101
T: (03) 9855 7700

Meet Lexie and Elise

At Villa Maria Catholic Homes, our care spans all generations, growing and evolving as you do.  Specialist Education Evolving Disability Services – That’s why we call it SEEDS.