Staff profile – Belinda Smith

VMCH Case Manager Belinda Smith spends a lot of time on country roads, visiting 40 seniors to help manage their Home Care Packages. Belinda sees first-hand the incredible importance of being able to stay living at home as you age, and feels privileged to help seniors do just that.

Why did you choose to work for VMCH?

I know their values, beliefs and ultimately their want for good client outcomes align with mine.  Being able to support people in their later years is an honour and I try to ensure I am always working for the good of the clients each and every day.

What do you love most about your job?

I love that I get to go out and meet people in their own homes and hear all about their life journey.  Lives change and evolve so quickly these days and hearing about people’s experiences can shape who you are as a person.  I believe that I am privileged to be able to share in people’s lives and learn from a group of people who have so much to give.

Why do you think HCPs are so important for older people?

Home Care Packages are very important because they assist people to remain independent.  As you get older you can experience many losses; the loss of friends, family, the ability to drive, the ability to cook… but being able to remain in your own home and feel safe and supported is why HCPs exist.  Too many people are having to enter residential care because they can no longer cook or access the community safely for appointments etc.  A HCP can assist with these kinds of supports and many more, allowing people that choice to remain at home.

Do you find a lot of people know don’t much about HCPs?

Yes. Whenever I explain what a HCP is, most people say ‘I wish I’d known about this sooner’ or ‘I have a friend who needs this support too, can you help them’?  It is a competitive market now, so media advertising over the last two years has increased dramatically but it’s a matter of just getting out there and spreading the word.

What is your future wish for the people you support?

I have a lot of clients who just want to be at home, to live the rest of their life in comfort surrounded by friends and family.  It is my wish they are able to do this and it’s my job to try and ensure this can be achieved as each individual client chooses.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I have two primary school-aged children so outside of work I like to spend time with them and my husband.  The kids usually have a jam-packed week with extra-curricular activities so often it is watching them play sport and being that loud, embarrassing parent or just spending quiet time at home with a family movie night or game night!