Robert helps map the way to a better customer experience

Robert Toseland loves making radio. He hosts a radio show once a month on community radio station 3WBC where he interviews people from places including the Yallourn Power Station, the Cat Protection Society and Steamrail Victoria.

With support from a VMCH support worker Robert enjoys getting out in the community and one of his favourite things to do is interview people for his radio program.

“I take the little voice recorder out with me and when I see an interview opportunity I will interview people,” Robert says.

“I love putting programs together and editing them up and tidying them up a bit so that the program is presentable to listen to.”

After 15 years as part of the VMCH community, Robert has provided valuable feedback about the organisation’s services as part of the Circle Network and Customer Experience Committee.

VMCH Customer Experience Officer, Liz Ellis, says VMCH customers like Robert help her gain an insight on how to improve a wide range of disability services.

“We want to hear people’s personal experience and we want to use it positively. We will provide feedback about services, gather the experience of other service users, give feedback on resources and public material,”

“Customers need a place, or a way to give feedback back to a service provider. Sometimes people have thoughts but they don’t necessarily have anywhere to put them. We want to reflect on what we’re doing well, what we can improve on, and what we can change. This improves someone’s service and changes their experience,” she said.

Robert is a self-taught radio enthusiast and says his interest started when he was a student at the Burwood Blind School in the ‘70s.  One of his favourite things to do was talking on the two-way radio to people from around the world. 

Robert’s radio program is called Out and About with Robert Toseland and it can be heard on the third Saturday of each month.

Robert is pictured with Liz at VMCH’s Kew Community Hub.

Your feedback makes us better

VMCH welcomes feedback and we are committed to continuous improvement.

You can contact VMCH’s Customer Experience Officer, Liz Ellis, by calling 1800 798 921.