A little help at home

Guy Wesley is a man who likes to keep busy.  And while Parkinson’s may have slowed him down in recent years – the 82-year-old does his best to stay socially and physically active.

Guy credits VMCH with helping him maintain his quality of life – at home – where he wants to be.  His Home Care Package (HCP) includes personal care assistance (provided through VMCH Direct), support with household tasks, social support, and massages from VMCH’s Allied Health and Nursing team.

Declining health led Guy to move from Sydney to Melbourne to be close to his daughter, Kris, seven years ago.  And while his family is “very supportive”, Guys says he appreciates the independence VMCH allows.

“Lorraine (care worker) is a great help and also great company.  Alexia (care worker) comes once a week and we go for a walk and have a yak. She helps me chat to the neighbours and meet other people because it’s difficult for me to talk, due to the Parkinson’s.”

Guy describes VMCH as one of the most “valuable parts of his life”.

“The carers have a wide breadth of knowledge and are the very best in their game – experienced and understanding.”

Kris says she doesn’t know where her Dad, or the extended family, would be without the support.

“We can just get on with things and know Dad’s looked after.  Sometimes if I need to go off to work unexpectedly, one of the carers may come earlier or help in some other way.  It’s good having that back-up.  For Dad, it’s nice to know that it’s not just his family looking after him, but more of a community.  We count ourselves very, very lucky.”

Natalia Tjongue is one of 29 VMCH Case Managers dedicated to supporting clients, like Guy, and their families, get the most out of their Home Care Packages and remain living independently at home.

She describes Guy as a “very humble person and a fighter”. 

“His mobility declined following a hospital admission late last year so to see his progress and how hard he has worked since then, is amazing. He’s has now started walking around his neighbourhood again with support from one of our carers – which is great to see.”

For Guy, it’s the little things like getting to his fortnightly catch-up with mates and researching his family history, that keep him happy and connected.

“I know as my needs change, (VMCH) will be there to help me with whatever I require to keep going, which is vital.”

Want to know more about Home Care Packages?  Call 1300 650 615 or visit:  www.vmch.com.au/services/community-services/home-care-packages/

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