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Our school

St Paul’s College is a Catholic specialist school for children with a wide range of intellectual, physical, profound multiple and sensory disabilities

It’s the people who make our places unique, loving and feel like home. Read through the stories of those who chose VMCH to live a fulfilling life.

A trip down memory lane

Craig Carey describes his time at St Paul’s School for the Blind as a “Hogwarts type existence with its own special kind of magic”. The...

Art unites specialist students and artists in pandemic

An international artist in residence program is bringing joy to students with disabilities affected by lockdowns in Melbourne. Hyge...

What I want you to know about parenting a child with autism

The mum of a young boy on the autism spectrum has penned a heartfelt letter to parents of neurotypical children, asking for kindness and unde...

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Our customer service team is happy to help with any questions or requests. Call us on 1300 698 624 or send us a message with the form below.

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