Aged Care can be tough on everyone.

We're not going to sugarcoat it.

We specialise in providing a gentle transition to aged care, for when your mum or dad can’t live by themselves at home any longer.

A transition process is required, to care for your emotions, your expectations and to get excited about what’s available with VMCH.

But first, let’s bust some of the myths about residential aged care.

Myth: Moving to aged care can be difficult.

With VMCH: While that may be the case for some, VMCH has been around for over 100 years because our locations are bright, spacious, friendly and safe.

Our team provides compassionate and personalised care. We focus on fun events, games that challenge, people that motivate and friends that care.


Myth: Aged care residences are where people go to die.

With VMCH: Again, we are not going to sugar coat it. Most people that go into aged care need a high level of care.

However, that doesn’t mean an unrewarding and unenjoyable experience in residential aged care. With VMCH, every resident gains incredible support, the right care and access to a range of activities that ensure the best approach to life possible.

Myth: People in residential aged care spend most of their time sitting alone in their room.

With VMCH: This is a horrible thought, especially when we know it’s true for some residences in Australia. However, this isn’t the VMCH way.

Our residents have full days, whether it’s participating in our lifestyle activities, going for a walk, or enjoying our communal spaces. We make sure our residents are always engaged and active, while always respecting their need for quiet time.


Myth: The food and activities are terrible.

With VMCH: We know every activity on offer might not be everyone’s cup of tea – that’s why our lifestyle team get to know each of our residents and develop tailored activities.

Bingo, exercise classes, games, knitting group and more. We encourage our residents to get out there, try new things and do the things they love.

Oh, and our food? We use fresh and wholesome ingredients, prepared and cooked by our on-site chefs.

Let’s make this as simple and enjoyable as possible for you and your loved one.

Sometimes the hardest step is picking up the phone. We understand. VMCH is here to guide you through the paperwork, funding options and answer any question you have along the way.


Call us to discuss your current situation

Our passionate aged care team are ready to listen and to provide recommendations on transitioning your parents to an aged care residence. It’s important for us that everyone feels happy and positive about this decision.
Call 1300 698 624


Discuss the plan with your mum and dad

“The talk” can be difficult and daunting, but it’s necessary to have this discussion openly and calmly with your mum or dad. We can help you to be prepared and confident.


Organise a call with our aged care specialists

We welcome you and your mum or dad to call us to discuss your aged care options. We can guide you through the transition, answer your questions and help everyone feel comfortable with this big change.


Join us for a tour

The best way to see if one of our aged care residences is right for you, is to join us for a tour. It’s not only about seeing the rooms, decor and atmosphere, it’s also an opportunity to meet some of our team, and experience the community.

Do you need help with My Aged Care?

All the paperwork and requirements can definitely be overwhelming. Our aged care team can talk you through the entire process. Call 1300 698 624 with any questions now.


Move in day

The big day comes and it’s an exciting day for everyone – including our residences! A whole new space to explore, friends to meet and things to do. We will make sure your mum or dad feels right at home.


Visit and get updates over the phone

No doubt your mum or dad are looking forward to a visit and to show you what they have been up to. Can’t make it for a few days? Just give us a call and we can give you updates over the phone at any time. If there are ever any concerns we will contact you immediately.

We make sure everyone’s emotions and
thoughts are well considered.

Whether you have questions or are ready to start the transition for your mum or dad, get in touch with us today. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Phone VMCH Aged Care

1300 698 624

Email VMCH Aged Care

VMCH locations with residential aged care and respite rooms available now.

John R Hannah Mulgrave


John R Hannah, Mulgrave

Known for its big heart, our professional and compassionate staff truly care about your health and wellbeing.

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Corpus Christi Clayton


Corpus Christi, Clayton

Here at Corpus Christi we nurture and cater to your personal needs and choices; what makes you ‘you’.

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Star of the Sea, Torquay

From beautiful lounge spaces and sitting rooms to generously sized rooms, a lot of care was taken in developing this residence.

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St Bernadette’s Sunshine North


St Bernadette’s, Sunshine North

Vibrant, culturally-diverse and caring community. Come and see for yourself.

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Didn’t see an option right for you?

We have 13 aged care residences located across Victoria, and are sure to have something that’ll fit your needs.

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