NDIS opens up a new world for Dario

Dario lifts the exercise ball at his local gym as his SEEDS support worker, Jessica, (pictured) encourages him and counts his repetitions. She says he has come a long way since he first started visiting the gym.

In the future, Dario dreams of reaching even greater heights – to move out of his parents’ home, travel independently and a get a job.

Going to the gym, let alone his other goals, were out of his reach until recently because there was not enough support available to help him achieve them.

When Dario turned to SEEDS for support coordination, we were able to help him get the most out of his first NDIS plan. The outcome has opened up a whole new world of opportunity for Dario.

SEEDS is a registered support coordination provider for the NDIS. We help our clients implement all their supports in their NDIS plan so they can achieve their goals.

Dario is 53, he speaks fluent Italian, enjoys getting out into the community for a coffee and walking. He has a moderate intellectual disability and requires support to enjoy these activities.

Before he got his NDIS package Dario received only a few hours of support in the community each week.

He now enjoys weekly visits to the gym, getting out into the community for things like coffee at local cafés and walks in the park. He enjoys these things with the help of support workers like Jessica.

Jessica says an occupational therapist has created an exercise program to help Dario get fitter and stronger. She attends the gym with Dario to help him complete the workout.   

His SEEDS support coordinator, Laila, is also working with him to achieve his other goals. Laila is investigating learning opportunities for Dario to prepare him for a supported work place or any other course he may choose.

He has set goals for himself including moving out of his family home to live independently. He wants to get a job and dreams of going on holidays independently.

Dario says his big dream is to travel to Italy and visit his favourite city, Florence. 

Support coordination explained:

VMCH is a registered support coordination provider for the NDIS. Our support coordinators can work with you and your family to help you exercise choice and control and achieve your goals.

Our support coordinators can help you establish and organise the services that you choose as they appear in your approved NDIS plan. We will assist you to find the right service providers, maximise the value for money you receive for supports, coordinate all your supports and help you if issues arise.

For more information call us on 1800 798 921 or email: seeds.response@vmch.com.au


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