Happy reunion for John and Trish

Sharing a coffee at home with your husband may seem uneventful to many.  However, this is something Trish Walsh treasures since her husband, John, moved to Star of the Sea Residential Aged Care, in Torquay.

John was one of the first people to move into Villa Maria Catholic Homes’ newest aged care residence after he had spent about three years living in a Geelong aged care residence.  Trish is living in the co-located retirement community, Star of the Sea Village.

“It couldn’t come quickly enough for me.  It is much more convenient and it will be much nicer to be closer together,” Trish said.

“John can come here for a coffee.  I will be able to go there for a coffee in five minutes.”

Trish admits that it has been a challenging and at times difficult journey.  The couple were enjoying their retirement years in Torquay when John suffered several strokes that significantly affected his health and left him in a wheelchair.  In 2014, John moved into aged care in Geelong, a tough decision for the family to make.

“In the end the decision makes itself in that it is just impossible to continue the way that you are.  It wasn’t an easy thing to be separated from one another, but it got to the point it was affecting my health as well,” Trish said.

About a year later, Trish moved into Star of the Sea Village with the plan that John would eventually move into the aged care residence planned for the same site.

In the meantime, she travelled between Geelong and Torquay every day to spend the day with John and maintain their routine.  John’s move to Star of the Sea Residential Aged Care turns that commute into a five-minute walk.

Trish has settled in well to the social and active lifestyle offered at Star of the Sea Village. She enjoys exercise classes, bowls, cards nights and Tai Chi classes. She is confident John will also enjoy the atmosphere at Star of the Sea.

“Moving here has been a very positive thing for me and I’m sure John will find in time a very positive move for him as well.

“The community is very caring. It is very socialable. There is lots of things here to do if you want to.”

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