A partnership in managing pain


VMCH physiotherapist, Vivian Kong, often meets people who believe they are beyond help when it comes to managing their pain.

Vivian disagrees.

“If you never try you will never know if it makes a difference,” Vivian says.

“I would encourage them to try for a week or two and see for themselves. They can try a few different things and see how they respond.”

Vivian visits Helen, 82, a few times a week at a VMCH aged care residence in Wantirna as part of the Pain Management Program.

The program is available to residents who live at VMCH’s aged care residences who qualify for the service.

Helen says she has experienced pain in her arms, shoulders and back since a car accident several years ago. 

The great grandmother of four says she looks forward to Vivian’s visits and she has become like a friend.

When Vivian leaves, Helen always feels better. She has also noticed she suffers from headaches a lot less these days.

Vivian says most sessions with clients involve education and massage. Clients can also receive advice about exercise and she also tries to add some fun.

“I like to make things fun for clients. I am coming into their home, I don’t want to lecture them like a teacher,” Vivian says.

“You get to know them. Make jokes, see what they like and what they don’t like. I have a few tricks up my sleeve.”


If you would like to learn more about our aged care residences phone: 1800 036 377.


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