5 Steps to Retirement Living

Step One

Select your preferred home based on what’s right for you in terms of location, size, aspect and price.

Step Two

Register your interest with a fully refundable reservation fee. There is a 21 day cooling off period so you have time to review your purchase and, if you choose not to proceed, your reservation fee will be refunded. If you do decide to proceed, you will be given two agreements to execute: Agreement to Lease, which confirms your intent to proceed at the time occupancy is available; and a Lease Agreement, which governs the terms of the lease and confirms your rights and entitlements.

Step Three

Seek independent advice from your advisors (which may include your solicitor and/or accountant) before formalising the purchase of your new home. It is important that you feel totally comfortable about the arrangements and, as such, VMCH urges you to discuss it with friends, family and professional advisors.

Step Four

Execute the agreements and pay a deposit.  You will have an additional three-day cooling off period at this point. Your deposit will be refunded in full, and the agreements terminated, if you choose not to proceed during this time.

Step Five

Make the move!  The contracts will be settled when your home is ready for you move in or upon settlement of your home. The balance of the agreed sale price is payable on settlement, after which you can begin living in your new home.

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