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Pawfect Companions

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Give the gift of joy, laughter and companionship to our residents through dog therapy sessions.

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Have you ever owned a dog? If so, you’ll know why they’re known as man’s (or woman’s!) best friend.

Dogs offer unconditional love and bring joy, laughter and a bit of fun to those around them.

That’s why we’re launching our ‘Pawfect Companions’ program, to enrich the lives of older people in our 11 aged care residences.

With your help, we hope to fund fortnightly dog therapy sessions for our residents for the next two years.

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put smiles on countless faces

Many of our residents had pet dogs before they moved into residential aged care, and often talk of their beloved companions.

Resident Isabel, from our Wantirna Aged Care Residence, says, “I love dogs so much. Once when I was in hospital and my dog was at home, he missed me so much that he stopped eating. But when my husband brought him in to see me, he just hopped up on the bed and was so happy.”

Our aged care residents really did it tough last year. During the pandemic, when visits from loved ones stopped, social outings became impossible and boredom set in, the focus became on creating entertainment within their home.

We’re always asking, what else can we do to help keep our residents’ days interesting and fun? How can we help individuals come together? Ease loneliness? Bring smiles to their faces?

“Pet therapy is good for everyone; it’s uplifting and makes everyone happy. When we have had a pet visit, even if people just sit back and watch, it’s amazing to see the joy in everyone’s faces.”

Shanagolden Aged Care resident

With your help we can deliver
this heart-warming program

Together, we can give residents something unique and fun to look forward to.

Your generosity will also help us purchase interactive ‘companion dogs’ that have built-in sensor technology, so they respond to petting and motion, much like real-life pets. These dogs provide comfort, companionship, help to reduce stress and are always available to our residents in between ‘real-life’ dog visits.

We hope you will consider helping us to enhance the lives of our aged care residents.

“I used to train Greyhounds for many years. Having Roxy (an employee’s dog) come in occasionally reminds me of when I used to have my dogs. They just want to be patted and they don’t ask for much.”

Wantirna Aged Care resident

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