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VMCH Corpus Christi Community Greenvale

Corpus Christi Community Greenvale is a longstanding service that has been providing compassionate care and support to older men facing adversity since 1977. In December 2023, Corpus Christi Community Greenvale joined like-minded, values driven organisation VMCH, to ensure residents maintained a secure and nurturing environment, and offering stability to dedicated staff, well into the future.

Corpus Christi Community Greenvale offers a safe haven and support to marginalised older men who have experienced homelessness, battled addiction, or face complex health challenges. We strive to provide them with a fresh start, one that is safe, secure, and ingrained with a sense of independence, all within a vibrant community.

Our history

Founded in 1974 by Mother Teresa and her Missionaries of Charity, Corpus Christi Community Greenvale was established as a refuge for men facing personal hardships.

In 1977, the Missionaries of Charity entrusted the care of Corpus Christi Community Greenvale to the Archdiocese of Melbourne. The Australian Jesuits, in collaboration with the Sisters of Mercy, were invited by Church leaders to manage the facility. These dedicated priests and nuns, along with volunteers, lived alongside and provided unwavering support to the residents.


We warmly welcome admission inquiries from individuals, family members, friends, as well as referrals from agencies within the aged care, mental health, hospital, homeless, and community services sectors.

Corpus Christi Community Greenvale offers aged care funded placements for older men who require personal care and assistance. We also provide a welcoming home for residents with fewer personal care needs but who seek secure, affordable housing and the camaraderie of a supportive community.

To start the application process, please download and complete the Resident Application Form. You can submit the completed forms via email to cccg@vmch.com.au or by fax at (03) 9070 8399.

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If you are an older man in need of supported care and assistance, you may be eligible for a funded place within our community. To be considered for admission, applicants should meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Male gender
  • Eligibility for an Aged Care Assessment (ACAS)
  • Typically over 60 years of age
  • Coming from a marginalised or homeless background
  • Having some personal support needs
  • Desiring to live within a nurturing and supportive residential environment.

To determine your eligibility for a funded place, applicants must apply for an Aged Care Assessment Service (ACAS) Assessment. If you do not possess an ACAS assessment or require assistance in obtaining one, please contact our Admissions Officer at (03) 9070 8300. For further information, you can also visit My Aged Care.

Meet the manager

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Donela Perry
Residential Services Manager

Donela believes acceptance and understanding that we are all at different stages of our life journey are the key to supporting men at CCCG. Donela is dedicated to building on each residents’ individual strengths and self-esteem, and considers her role as Residential Services Manager a privilege. 

Pricing Information

All residents are required to contribute a basic daily fee, which is deducted from the aged care or disability support pension. This fee covers everyday living expenses including meals, cleaning, laundry, the use of amenities, and participation in various activities.

Additionally, it encompasses all personal and medical care costs, provided that assets remain below $51,500.00. Should your assets exceed this threshold, additional charges may apply, calculated based on your individual financial circumstances. These fees are regulated by the Australian Government.

Unfunded residents are also expected to allocate a portion of their pension to cover their day-to-day living expenses.

Fully Accredited by the Aged Care Standards Agency

Meet the manager

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