Help at home

Personal care

Support within your own home.

Sometimes you might find you need more support.

If you want more day-to-day help, we’re here.

If staying at home independently is getting difficult, you can reach out for a helping hand. Maybe you need a hand with the shopping, running errands or personal care.

Our job is to ensure things are easier and more manageable for you.

Call our friendly team on 1300 698 624 to learn more about how we can help you to stay safely at home for longer.

Our team can help you with Personal Care.

We understand the importance of receiving support in a safe and dignified way within your own home. Our team recognises these sensitivities, ensuring a comfortable, warm and respectful experience.



Support with dressing and bathing.


Assistive technologies

In-home tech to help you stay safe.


In-home care to give carers support.



Assistance to help you move around your home.


Nutrition and dietetics

Support with food to maximise your health and wellbeing.

“In all sincerity, VMCH at-home services have absolutely been a sanity-saver for me, the support has really helped me to lead as close-to-normal a life as possible.”

Alan – VMCH Customer

Our team can help you with Nursing and Allied Health.

Develop a holistic at-home care schedule with our nursing, allied health and therapy services. We can directly provide services that will complement the work of healthcare providers and allow you to stay healthy and independently at home for longer.



Nursing care that is in your own home.



Reminders and assistance to take your medication.



Support throughout illness or when returning from hospital.



Get useful advice to stay mobile and healthy.


Services such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and more.

Our team can help you with Shopping and Meal Support.

Sitting down to nutritious meals is an important aspect of the day. You can maximise your health and wellbeing by supporting yourself with a nourishing diet. We can support you to enjoy meals that are not only healthy but delicious.


Meal delivery

Services to deliver meals directly to your home.


Cooked meals

Assistance to prepare nutritious, home cooked meals.


Dietary advice

Personalised advice to suit your specific requirements.



Help with planning, packing, and unpacking.

What next?

You could be eligible for government funding packages, or able to privately fund your at-home personal care.

Call our friendly team to learn more about how we can help you to stay safely at home for longer or book a call back at a time that best suits you.

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