Leave a gift in your Will

Villa Maria Catholic Homes (VMCH) is committed to working in partnership with people of all ages and abilities to help them achieve their individual goals and dreams, remain connected to their communities and enjoy their independence.

Making a gift to VMCH in your Will is a significant legacy that will leave a long-lasting impact.  We will honour your wishes and use your gift in accordance with the wording of your Will.

A gift in your Will, regardless of its size, will allow VMCH to expand its services for older people, children and adults with a disability, carers and people at risk of homelessness.

If you have made or are considering leaving a gift to VMCH in your Will, we warmly invite you to contact us, let us know about your intentions, and allow us to offer our thanks.

To find out more information or to confidentially discuss your intentions please contact our Grants & Bequest Officer, Sandra Rosano on (03) 9926 2407 or email sandra.rosano@vmch.com.au.

As an agency of the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne, our values including respect, compassion and inclusion guide us to deliver the highest quality services to individuals of all faiths and backgrounds.

What next?

Consider using our recommended wording for leaving a gift in your Will.

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Information for Solicitors

If your client has made the decision to include Villa Maria Catholic Homes in their Will, please click here for our suggested bequest clause wording, or for further information please download a PDF of Villa Maria Catholic Homes’ Bequests Brochure.

Our company registration details are:

Villa Maria Catholic Homes Limited

ACN 004 364 103

ABN 32 004 364 103

Registered Office


We are

  • Incorporated as a Public Company limited by guarantee under the Corporations Act (2001) (Cth)
  • Endorsed as an income tax exempt charitable entity
  • Endorsed as a deductible gift recipient
  • Endorsed for GST concessionsConfirmation of these endorsements can be found at www.abr.business.gov.au

Information for Executors

If you’re the executor of a Will that includes a bequest to VMCH, please send a photocopy of the Will with a short letter to:

Grants & Bequest Officer

Villa Maria Catholic Homes

PO Box 134


T: (03) 9926 2407

F: (03) 9287 5575

Some people wish for a donation to be made to Villa Maria Catholic Homes in lieu of flowers being sent to their funeral or memorial service. Such in-memoriam gifts can be requested in funeral notices or obituary listings.

To obtain in-memoriam donation envelopes please phone (03) 9926 2000 or email us at marketing@vmch.com.au.

If you have any queries about a gift left to VMCH (or Villa Maria, or Catholic Homes) in a Will, please contact our Grant & Bequest Officer Sandra Rosano on (03) 9926 2407.

Recommended wording

The following wording is a guide only and is subject to your solicitor’s professional legal advice in relation to your circumstances and in the preparation of your Will.

I give to Villa Maria Catholic Homes (ACN 004 364 103)

  • __________ percent of my estate
  • the residue of my estate OR
  • __________ percent of the residue of my estate OR
  • the sum of $_________ OR (specified items)

free of all duties and testamentary expenses to be used for its general purposes and the receipt of an authorised officer of Villa Maria Catholic Homes will be sufficient discharge to my Executor/Trustee.

[the following wording is optional]

and I request, without creating a binding trust, that this bequest be applied to ___________________ (where the bequest is to be used).

Fawkner Fellowship

The Fawkner Fellowship is a special group of some of Villa Maria Catholic Homes’ most loyal supporters – those who have left a gift to VMCH in their Will. The Fawkner Fellowship was established primarily to thank this group, during their lifetimes, for their generosity.

Members of the Fawkner Fellowship are invited to join us at special complimentary luncheons to meet and hear from key VMCH staff and other invited speakers, and to hear first-hand about our work and the difference that their support, and the gift in their Will, will make.

If you have made or are considering leaving a gift to VMCH in your Will, we warmly invite you to contact us, let us know about your intentions, and allow us to offer our thanks.

We appreciate that you may prefer not to become a member of our Fawkner Fellowship, or to take advantage of only some of the benefits of membership. We also respect that you may prefer to leave a gift in your Will anonymously. This decision rests entirely with you.

Our goal is to ensure you are kept up to date with our work and the ways in which your support makes that possible, and most importantly, to thank you.

Download Our Fawkner Fellowship Brochure to find out more.